American soldiers will receive pocket drones

In two years, American soldiers participating in military missions, will get a completely new piece of equipment. Command of the armed forces wants to arm them in a small pocket drones, which will provide a better assessment of the situation on the battlefield, providing information on enemy positions.

Nano UAV - Black Hornet PD-100 PRS

Drones have long been used by the US military, both for intelligence activities, as well as offensive. They can attack a specific target ground-to-air missiles, as well as act as observation system providing information about troop movements. They are therefore quite useful device, but soon will take on even greater significance, because this time the soldiers will be able to wear the device with you.

The US military until 2018, wants to equip his troops in the pocket drone. Such machines possessing optical system could be used to check specific areas for the presence of the enemy’s forces, which would protect soldiers against ambushes. These compact devices also would provide a better picture of the situation, allowing you to better plan the tactics of attack or defense.

Drones are not only small but also cheap to their loss, with which to be reckoned with, it was not too expensive. Machinery must weigh no more than 150 grams and must fit in a pants pocket, and their preparation for the operation may take up to 60 seconds. The battery, in turn, should provide at least 15 minutes of flight, and the range of the transmitter is 1200 meters.

Nano UAV - Black Hornet PD-100 PRS flying

It is worth noting that the Norwegian and British troops are already using these small drones for at least several years, using the model of PD-100 Black Hornet. Unfortunately, the product is quite expensive, so the US military wants to create something much cheaper.

In 2012, the Black Hornet Nano was equipped soldiers Brigade Reconnaissance Force from Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The entire system, camera and ground repairs, a small joystick for manual control and monitor, which displays the image from the camera weighs less than 1 kilogram. Nano is powered by an electric motor powered by a battery.

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