A drone that flies (almost) like a bird

We’ve found another interesting type of drone that we would like to show you. It’s a drone which is able to behave as a bird.

Bird drone
Bird drone

The drone was designed by engineers from the Technical University of Lausanne (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne). The project was inspired by nature. It uses the same flight technique that birds use. 

This is an interesting idea for us, because thanks to this drone can adapt to atmospheric conditions, to the force of wind and it is easier to control such a drone.  The special wing tips used in it, covered with a material similar to feathers, allow making sharp turns, easier overcoming obstacles and resisting the strong wind.

Thanks to the technology used, drone can be used in the case of specific low-flies flight requirements. For sure it will be easier to control such a drone.

We would like to fly such a drone some day to check the difference. Dreams…

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