3.4 km above the ground with a drone

Flying drone around the home can be boring. Flying above the clouds isn’t. Just watched the movie we wan’t to talk you about.

3,4Km High Altitude with a Phantom 2 - 3,4Km Höhe mit Phantom 2 - YouTube

The author of this video broke the record of altitude with such a small drone. Modified DJI Phantom 2 was flying 3.4 km high (2.2 miles).

3,4 KM world hight record

Drone was very tired up there. FPV monitor showed only 27% bettery left. DJI Phantom 2 was exhausted on the ground too where with only 4% bettery left.

The flight took place on Rotterdam, Netherlands. Recall that the law in Europe does not allow flight at such a height.

Full movie here:

Unfortunately we don’t know about modifications of the drone. Anyway it is impressive. But don’t do it at home 🙂

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