Global Hawk Drone

The United States Air Force as well as the US Navy have been using a drone known as the global hawk since 1998, which is long before anyone had ever heard of drones being used in this way. Even though it isn’t the assault weapon that many people are familiar with, this surveillance drone is an incredible feat of engineering, costing $131 million each.

Global Hawk drone

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The Autonomous HEXO+ Drone

The rise of autonomous drones has a lot of people excited about the kinds of things that are going to be possible, but in particular people are becoming more and more excited about the chance to film themselves without having to have a dedicated cameraman. Drones like the Hexo+ make it possible to get better shots than ever.

Hexo Plus

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Are Drones Dangerous For People?

Drones might seem like they are only dangerous to the people on the other end of a Predator’s strike, but in fact there are a couple of unique dangers that commercial and private drones pose to the public. These might only be minor concerns for now, until the FAA and commercial organizations can figure out what the best way to handle them is.

Drone Shoots

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Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot has been producing some of the best commercial drones that the market has seen, although their new upcoming drone is certainly going to be one of the most exciting. The Parrot Bebop drone is an incredible product and one that has drone enthusiasts excited. We’ll take a look at it here.

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How To Control A Drone With A Smartphone?

From cars to home thermostats, it seems like almost anything can be controlled from a smartphone these days. With the future of technology coming fast, it should be no surprise that people are now controlling their private drones with their smartphone as well. This is the future of drones.

Control Drone by Smartphone

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